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Closeup of freshly cut logs

A tree on your property has fallen or was taken down.

cut lumber on saw.jpg

We'll bring our portable mill to you, and cut your logs right on your property.

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You keep the lumber for your own projects or work with us to create a masterpiece!

Interested in Our Sawmill Service?

Click on the sawmill photo below to enter information about your project. We will be timely to respond.

"Marc did such a great job! He communicated several times before arriving on site about the site conditions, the needs of the job, what to expect and what I ultimately wanted to use the lumber for. Then he arrived on time and we had a meeting where the boards would go, where to best set up, what logs would make the best boards and how to get the most productivity / profit out of each log.

What really impressed me is how hard Marc worked, he didn’t cut corners, he didn’t rush. He even took extra time to help me set up a station for drying the wood that would be flat and level so that in a year, long after he was gone, I’d have flat straight dry boards. Everything was above and beyond what I could have asked for! REALLY, really impressed. What might have been a simple job for him was a major investment for me.

I couldn’t recommend Welsh Hills Sawmiling Co any more! I’ll be calling Marc again, you should too!"

- Joe

"I couldn't be happier with this company. Great service, friendly, professional job at a very reasonable price. We had a great day sawing up logs and now have beautiful wood to make countertops, trim, furniture and all sorts all for pennies on the dollar. The trees that once stood around the house will now grace the interior in all sorts of ways. So glad I found them!" 

- Scout

Sawmill FAQ's
  • Can you come to my property to mill my logs?

    • Yes! It's one of our favorite things to do! We are a completely portable operation.​

  • Can I drop logs off at your site for milling?

    • Yes, just give us a call to coordinate a date/time in advance.​​​

  • What size logs can you cut?

    • The largest log we can cut is 34" in diameter and 16' in length.​

  • How can I get an estimate for getting my logs cut?​

    • Click on the sawmill icon above and fill out our interest form. We'll be timely to respond with an estimate!​

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